Progress? Nope

Well, I have an interview for a full time desk job on Monday to last me until I go to Korea, find a teaching job or get rank of ensign on the USS Enterprise and travel the galaxy. I need to start making money or I won't have the money to buy gas to get down the street.

This past Sunday, everyone was posting online where they were and what they were doing on 9/11 since this was the 10th anniversary. I didn't post my experience because I was being an unemployed loser like I am now. I was living on Mt. Washington with John and Mike looking for a job. John called me from his job and woke me up to tell me to turn on the tv. I turned it on while both towers were still standing. Actually, the second tower may not have even been hit yet. If you had asked me then if I would ever let myself be in that situation again with the unemployment, I would have said no (even though I could never actually guarantee it). Here I am again on the ten year anniversary. Don't you say October is the month of new beginnings every year, Hope? Well, I am hoping you are right.

I am trying to just keep a positive outlook on life regardless of this. I know things will work out. Although, I keep wondering what the point of getting this damn degree was when I can't even get a call back about a teaching job... and I've applied to some GHETTO schools. I'm wondering if someone is intercepting my resume and typing "I hit children" on it. Oh well... everything happens for a reason!
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Hello, hello, hello... Echo, echo, echo...

I could have sworn that I've written on here more recently than 2008. Time funs when you're having flies. I find that I don't have anything good to say when I write on here just for the sake of writing. My best entries were when I worked a desk job and could post something when I actually had something to say.

Today is the first day that slapped some fall feeling weather in my face and now I'm accepting the fact that the nice weather is gone. I have mixed feelings about it. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so I'm excited that it's around the corner (sort of). I also feel like snow is around the corner and that doesn't excite me one bit. The stork really should have dropped me off in the Florida Keys.

So South Korea... I am supposed to be living there right now. I got passed up for a few jobs that appeared to be good. I turned down several that seemed to have bad contracts after discussing them with Anjee. I was happy to have someone familiar with the process to help out but it maybe worked against me when choosing a job. I should have probably just accepted a not-so-great job. Now I'm low on cash so my only chance now is help from my parents and finding a job that pays for everything up front. Good news is that Anjee may have found me one of those.

In the meantime, I have been applying to teaching jobs here, regular jobs here and looking at grad school options. When all is said and done, I'd rather be teaching music in the United States. I did go to school for that degree for a reason after all. I don't know where I'll end up and what I'll be doing but it will work out.
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Here I sit...

So here I am, posting again... wow... hell has frozen and there's a blue moon. At any rate...

LIFE HAS BEEN HELL! Ok... that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but it has been crazy. We just moved an entire house this weekend and in the middle of it all, I took FIVE HOURS of standardized testing on Saturday. It sucked a big one. The testing was supposed to start at 7:30am but they started almost an hour late. I was really pissed... mostly because they told us if we were even a minute late, we wouldn't be permitted to take the test. Oh... and did I mention that I paid $170 to take the damn tests? ugh... Thank god I really want to be a teacher or otherwise I'd say f*ck it all.

Anyhow, the new place is AWESOME but there's still a lot of stuff to unpack. I kind of just want to wiggle my nose and be done with it. The exciting part is that I WALKED to campus today. It's so nice to be able to do that finally. Now I plan to not move again until I graduate!
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just checkin out the old virtual stomping grounds...

So I just stopped by to dust some cobwebs off of my livejournal and the site is sadly dead. I only have two friends that seem to post here anymore. I suppose that's why I don't come by much anymore. It's not too exciting when not many people are participating. Everyone has completely switched over to myspace or facebook. It's cool to look back on memories and I guess a journal shouldn't matter if other people are checking it out but it was more fun then.

Gripes of a Walmart Cashier #1

Sometimes I wish I had a psychology degree so that I could analyze some people that come through my line because there are so many things that I could bitch about but here is today's rant:

There are people that come through my register line on their cell phone that don't even acknowledge that I'm there. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!! Even before I became a cashier I would either 1) put my cell phone down for the ENTIRE transaction or 2) tell the person I would call them back after I was done checking out. But no... these people will just keep on talking and not so much as throw a smile my way to say hi. This is, by far, technology's rudest impact on social interaction.

If you are one of these people, I hate your lack of consideration for the people around you. If you are a parent, a soon-to-be parent or someone who definitely plans to one day be a parent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a parent to teach your children to not be rude assholes! There are appropriate times to talk on your phone and also appropriate times to be spaced out while text messaging and not paying attention to your surroundings... while you're in the checkout line is NOT one of them.

Thus ends today's rant... thanks
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what? a happy entry? :-)

So I did scheduling stuff with my advisor today and it made me very happy. We made a list of the classes I have to take to graduate and the list is pretty shortish. After my classes this summer, it's looking like I should be getting into Step 1 which means (at most) probably 2 more semesters of classes. Then I student teach and I'm done. It made me feel so much better to just get a small glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Until now, I was just sort of wandering around aimlessly in the dark hoping to find my way and wondering when I'd get there. Now I have a good idea and I can sort of aim my goals at a certain time frame. It feels good. :-)

Other than that, springtime has me so happy as it always does. It's not really warm just yet but I don't care. I can see it around the corner and that's all that matters. The season right now mirrors that of my education. I'm currently anxious for the better times to get here and I can finally see them ahead which makes me optimistic.

It's good to be alive
Sometimes I wonder how I survived
And in my minds eye
When you're low no-one seems to know
A fallen angel tonight
I feel no shame when I'm high
It feels so good must be right
It feels so good inside
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Can it be true?

I thought final grades were going to be posted today but they weren't. There's a note in the system that grades will become available Friday morning. Well, I have connections. I know that grades had to be in submitted by noon today because I know a guy who's a professor here. He's gay and a generally cool guy. Well, he went into the system and got my grades for me. HAHAHA... and guess what!!

I got a 4.0!!!

It's the first time in my life and I'm excited. 17 credits plus 2 jobs and I still pulled it off. I'm so happy right now. :-D
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OK... so I'm officially done with work for the day and now I have the next 2 weeks off from walmart and the next week off from school. I'm excited. Now, I get to spend the next week trying to see tons of people. It's kinda hard to schedule all of that but I'll try my hardest to see everyone. :-) I don't really have much to say besides that. I think my brain is on vacation too... it's sick of thinking all of the time. HAHA

You know... I used to know all kinds of HTML to do stuff on this journal and now I forget it all. I'll have to study up on some of that again. Hmmm... lurpy... we'll see if that works. So at work, we've been selling so many sweet potatoes... and you know, there will be themes to days. There will be lots of people who buy the same thing in one day. The sweet potatoes thing is obviously because of Thanksgiving but I'm talking about stuff happening that isn't because of a factor like that. Today, in the first 10 minutes on register, 2 people had their amounts end up coming out to an even dollar amount. And they both said the same exact thing. Something like, "Wow... that doesn't happen too often." I thought about saying to the second person that it just happened to someone else too but I just let him feel "special". :-) I was like, "yup". Or everyone will be buying something random... like the same kind of make-up or something. It's just odd... maybe it's product placement.

Anyhow, I'm going to go relax and play some video games. I'm ready to just chill.
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So I was looking through my livejournal archive and it's pretty awesome to be able to look back on what I wrote all the way back to 2002. Then I realized that I won't be able to do that with all of the stuff I'm going through right now because I never write anything. So I'm gonna try to write more... who knows?

So I'm getting sick. There's only 2 more days of classes until Thanksgiving break and I have to go and get sick now. That totally blows. My semester has been going pretty great actually. It has been really stressful but I know all of the stress is worth it. Being back in school is weird still but definitely only a tiny bit weird now instead of a lot weird like before.

On top of school, I have been working in the music office on campus and then Walmart on the weekends. I hated Walmart before I started working there and now I hate it even more. I didn't know it was possible. Every day that I go to work, I consider just not showing up. I actually look forward to the week and going to classes because it's better than going there. School is advancing me in life and Walmart makes me feel like I'm in reverse in a way. I know it's just money to get me through for now though so I'll deal. At least until something better comes along.

Anyhow, I'm sorry if I seemed like I fell off the face of the earth but I've never been so busy in my entire life. There are weeks at a time that I literally don't have time for anything but some sort of work. And then when I'm exhausted, I lay awake and think about all of the work I did and all of the work I have to do. Next semester should be easier, I took one less class just so I can breathe a little.

OK... that's enough for a "get back into things" entry. I hope everyone is doing well... and I hope people actually still use this site. Later!